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Organizational Charter

Metis Anon is a hyper focused group intended to accelerate use of the Metis ecosystem.

1. Prioritize Actions & Results over Vocalizations
2. Ego Sucks – Don’t let It Distract from Progress
3. Support the Team – Even in Disagreement
4. Keep it Simple


Prioritize Actions & Results Over Vocalization

This group prioritizes actions and results over vocalization. Metis Anon understands the difference between typing a message and actually offering a helping hand – between complaining and actually doing the work required to fix problems or make improvements. We strive to embody the old adage – “Actions speak louder than words”.

Ego Sucks – Don’t Let it Distract from Progress

Metis Anon is more interested in progress than Ego. As such – anonymity is required to participate in this group. It is hoped that this requirement will create a higher focus on the work itself (as opposed to being praised for one’s involvement in the work – or using the work to progress one’s own interests). It is also hoped that anonymity will allow for a more diverse sharing of ideas and collaborations. Metis Anon recognizes anonymity has risks – namely, lack of accountability. Metis Anon will be quick to dispel members who abuse the power of being anonymous.

Support the Team – Even in Disagreement

This group understands that no team, even with the best of intentions, is infallible. Mistakes will happen, especially when executing complicated tech quickly. It is impossible to achieve 100% satisfaction from all parties in all situations – especially within a decentralized structure. Therefore, Metis Anon seeks to support the team as a primary directive. Supporting the team should not be mistaken for blind loyalty to the team or for ignoring the consequences of poor decisions. Instead, a support first model asks “what can I do to help the team through this challenge” vs. “who can I blame for this challenge”. The intention of the support first model is to build transparency and trust between the community and the team. Trust between jointly incentivized parties is the bedrock to any successful venture – web3 is no different.

Keep it Simple


While the tech and nuanced decision making might be complicated – growing a community does not have to be as complicated. Communities are built first and foremost on human relationships through foundations of trust and transparency. Metis Anon seeks to do the simple things – and do them well.

- Acknowledge greater Metis user concerns or desires
- Provide roadmaps to address these concerns or desires
- Deliver on these roadmaps
- Own any failures and provide transparent lessons learned

Operating through the above tenants shows integrity. Additionally, in the spirit of keeping it simple, Metis Anon will seek to avoid over-complicating issues or improvements that can be resolved by direct communication.

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