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Small donation​s are accepted at the wallet address below (but not expected).  Expenses will be catalogued here as the group grows.  All current expenses are covered by the group creator - who intends to remain anonymous. 


Any movement of funds into or out of this wallet will be transparently described here (and obviously available to view on-chain).  Donations will ONLY be used to cover the listed expenses below - all group work and group members contribute in a volunteer capacity. 


If donations exceed expenses - the funds will NOT be moved until additional expenses arise.  If additional expenses do not arise - and the group does not survive - donations will be returned to their sending addresses (but don't worry, we're here for the long-haul fam).

Current Expenses

  • Domain Name Registration: $16.95/yr

  • Private Registration: $9.00/yr

  • Website Hosting: $23/month

Possible Future Expenses

Possible future expenses if the group receives sufficient donations.

  • Midjourney subscription for AI image generation - Est. $20/month

  • Discord Server or Telegram Channel - Est. Unknown/month

  • Metis Node hosting services (hardware/remote hosting) - Est. Unknown/month

Wallet Address


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